X-ray is a Conversation of Light and Space

X-ray artist Lucchesi differentiates photography from his work by saying « photography shoots « the visible » but x-ray shoots « the invisible »». While western formative art so far has been « external art » describing the surface, x-ray art is surely an « inner art » in a more expanded sense. Lucchesi often refers to it as « inner landscape » that shows the inner frames but it reveals also the flow of energy.His art philosophy was influenced by « landscape art from far east, especially those painted by Bada Shanren ». This landscape art is an art of space. Space is room of light and light maneuvers within the space. While this space was of importance in Asia, « light » has always been a critical theme in the west from the very beginning. Western art history prior to the modern era was history of « light » while Eastern Art history was history of « space ».