Artistic Residency

Opéra Scan en X majeur
Interactive Webdoc made at l’hôpital de la Timone in Marseille, 2013

medical scan of model boat from marseille naval museum/ Ferry Boat in Marseille is famous as shorter distance for a boat transporting persons.

One of relation ship between Comex Cie and NASA to experiment scaphandre under mediterranean sea.

Different medical scan views of ferry-boat’s model.

Cooperation between Marseille Naval Museum and Marseille Timone Hospital.

Shell : Nautil : Medical Scan. From Longchamp Museum, Marseille.

Entire electromagnetism field of medical scan of toy seaplane and helicopter.

Museum d’Histoire
Visit to Palais Longchamp Museum, Marseille.

Travel inside boat models from Navy Museum, Marseille

Mobylette bleue 1959
x-ray of vintage famous Philippe Moutte’s bleu mob.

Objectif X
Some of different works during artistic residency in Marseille Hospitals

Pr Michel Panuel
Pr Michel Panuel show us how to scan an toy seaplane.

Mammo docteur
Visit to Mamography screaning with GoproCamera fixed at the head of doctor.

Mammo patient
Visit to mamography screaning with Gopro Camera fixed at the head of patient.

Visit to mamography office.

Travel inside a woman breast.

Artistic totem built in live during meeting of Pr Nadine Girard to drive away the evil spirits.

HipHop IRM
Gaspard d’Ornano’s Hip hop dancing to purify MRI room of st Marguerite Hospital, Marseille

Butterfly Dance to enchant MRI machine, St.Marguerite Hospital, Marseille

Zap atelier
Making of : Artistic atelier inside Timone Hopsital, Marseille